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Wake Up Harlo, it’s Play Time!

FurryKids@Play Doggy Day Care Morningside Brisbane Doggie Day Care Where Pups, Small to Medium sized dogs Play.

Harlo our 4.5mth English Bull Dog.
Harlo visits us each Tuesday and Thursday. She comes with great Gusto! Though later always tires herself out…sweet Love!
Dave is trying to wake her up !! hehe

Nearly ready to Launch

Hello Parents

Pawfect time to let you know we are working hard on the finishing touches for the new website – furrykids shop

Dog and cat products, walking gear, training equipment and gifts for Pet Lovers.

Included in the range will be MIK MAC cat and dog Collars. Beautifully made.

MICHEL  our Model is wearing his brand new Mik Mac Collar – Black leather with Blue Confetti

Pet Trivia #8

Did you Know….

Puppies are not born with any teeth!

Furrykids are best pals when…..

You are happy to share your Bed!………………..

“Whispers & Whaspers”   ….TWISTER     & best Pal JASPER

sharing Twister’s bed for Home Stay !!

Meet The Wild Wednesday Gang

Wednesday’s has become “Wild Wednesday” with a little bit toooo much wild fun had by all!

They do laps around the yard, peeing contests…Henri wins! the French Bulldog

Tug a war, wrestling, Treasure Hunt with treat bottles, Dig pit Treasure hunts, swimming in the wading pools…Number one swimmer is Astro the Spoodle

Treat time Of Course and snooze for a micro second here and there!

Bella the Spoodle X  is currently our only Girl though that doesnt worry this little Tom Boy who rounds all the boys up and is the Leader of “What Game to Play Next”  the boys don’t know what to do with themselves before she arrives or after she leaves especially Astro

Michel the Westie, can’t decide who he loves more so does the ‘Hoochie Coochie’ on every furry body for most of the day!

Oh my woofing goodness what a Day!         p.s. No long term harm or serious side effects  like Mental frustration or mind blowing Stress occured while photographing these Wild…….  Furry Kids TM


Ten years ago today a beautiful and handsome little King Charles Cavallier Spaniel was Born! and once he open his eyes…his breeder discover he had one blue and one brown eye….making him very special.

SETH BROWN is a quiet boy who enjoys ‘silver service’ at Furry kids.  He likes being served B’fast and Dinner in bed and prefers to sit in a chair high above every furry body! his favourite human in the whole world is his Mummy….Jenny. He loves his Human family and his furry kids family too younger House Brother Max and Tess.

Seth loves blue and he has the blue collar and lead, rain coat, PJ’s, Towel and winter Coat. He also loves to show off his blue eye in photographs!

Congratulations SETH  …it’s not every day a little boy turns Seventy!!

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