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Cookie and Ruby Playing at Furrykids@Play Doggy Daycare Morningside

Testimonial – Brisbane Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting in Camp Hill

“Hi Stephanie & Ian

I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of Tilly while we were away.

You did a great job and it was lovely to be greeted by a happy cat!

We will definitely use your service again.”

Karen for Cat Pet visiting Camp Hill

Dog Wash at Furry Kids Grooming Salon

TIZZIE the English Staffordshire.
Having a lovely warm Bath today.
In Our Stainless Steel Bath using fresh Tempered water.

We use PurePets Oatmeal Shampoo as our Standard shampoo & finish with Candy CaneSpritz for girls.

Please visit our website for the Dog Grooming details.

Testimonial Doggy Day Care

Andrew and I have used Furry Kids@home Doggy Day Care facility for well over a year now.  We both work full time and found Molly (now 18 month old Spanatriever) was getting bored by being at home for such a long period of time.

The Doggy Car Facility has been fantastic and much cheaper than new grass and plants! Molly loves seeing Stephanie and the other ‘kids’ and is so exhausted by the time she comes home.  Her obedience training has not been lost but rather enhanced and he ability to socialise (previously a very shy/reserved dog) she now has the confidence to interact with other dogs when we are out.


We also buy our range of natural treats for Molly from the shop, the quality is exceptional and the pricing is very reasonable.  Molly is clipped at Fury Kids also and we are always stopped by other owners to ask where she is groomed. She loves to show off her shorter locks and it grows out perfectly.

Andrew, Molly and I would not hesitate in recommending Fury Kids to anyone.

With a smile,




Our Beagllier who has been attending Doggy Day Care since she was about 7 months old turned FOUR on Monday 11th April.

Tess is a very good girl who likes all her pals at Furry kids @Play however ever since she first started Day care she has always Loved Monet.  She enjoys chasing him around and even after 3 years…she still loves him …with every growl he gives her!Tess loves Pink. she has a pick collar and lead, pink rain coat, towel and pink PJ’s for winter and a lovely pink Jacket.Her wonderful Mummy Jenny who assists us at Doggy Day Care on Tuesday’s and Thursday baked a batch of scrumptious Banana & Carrot Bone shaped bikkies to Celebrate . Double celebrations for the Brown family for Seth turns 10 on Wednesday 13Th April.

Michel’s 1st Birthday party

1st Burthdee Celebrations for Michel the Westie

Last Thursday all the furry kids had a wonderful day celebrating MICHEL’S 1st Birthday with him.

His Mummy Christina baked a magnificent meat and rice cake in the shape of a Paw and iced it with Carob.

By all accounts it was very yummy…every furry body enjoyed their slice immensely. Of course all the furry kids had their photo taken eating cake. Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Days of our Furrykids!….Furry kids@Play Doggy Day Care

the latest news on the LOVES and FUN …Days of our Furry kids…
CHARLOTTE has had to soldier on as best she could without her boy pal TWISTER at day care 2day. SADIE and TIGER agree to be pals however Ruby won’t have TIGER running off with an cute spoodle doodle!! BUDDY quite likes SADIE and of course BUSTER continues to be best friends with TIGER. OSCAR is a bit confused with all of this and remains Pals with all. JASPER just wants to make sure he stays KING PIN ! and gets his share of treats.
DEXTER wants everyone to have fun and chase and play in the pool. Tess remains constant to MONET who wont have anything to do with her continuous kisses.

Photo Gallery: Doggy Day Care

Photo Gallery

Furrykids at home Photo Gallery.

Doggy Day Care Photos