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Pet Trivia #5 All in the Nose

Did you Know……

Dogs have an amzing sense of smell. Humans have about 5 Million Olfactory Receptors.

All in the Nose!

Dogs have an astonishing 220 Million !!! now you know why your dog can smell one little  piece of kibble under the bench!



  • 350g Whole Wheat Flour
  • 100 ml skimmed milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pureed banana
  • 1 tablespoon golden syryp

Mix all the ingrdients into a dough.  Roll out the dough on a floured surface to 1 cm thinkness and cut into small shapes e.g bone, heart, cubes . Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C

Cover a baking sheet with baking parchment and place the bikkies on it.  Bake in the hot oven for approx 30 mins.

Toxic Plant in the Back Yard

An extremely Toxic plant seen in may home gardens is the Plant ” Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”  (Brunfelsia australis or Grandiflora) very pretty  sweetly scented  flowers that  change colour as they age on the plant from violet colour, fading to Lavender blue and then white.  all 3 colours seen at once.   Often used as a hedge.   Seen often in Brisbane, Sydney & the tropics, warm frost free areas.The principle toxin is Brunsfelsamidine a neurotoxin that causes seizures. The toxin is contained in all parts of the plant. The leaves and flower heads are particularly palatable.

yesterday today tomorrow poisonous plantThe initial stages, or small amounts ingested, the dog coughs & gags, drool copious amounts of saliva. May or may not have nystagmus and have a wide eyed, spaced-out look with mild to moderate agitation and anxiety.  If enough toxin is ingested, seizures similar to snail bait to Strychnine poisoning can occur and may prove fatal.

Peak times of number of cases occurs May and September.  This plant should be dug up immediately and put in the bin, not composted.    of Course Contact your vet for appropriate treatment.

(this information came from author Dr Aine Seavers and published in The Control and Therapy Series)

Pet Trivia #4

Did you know……

The Basenji is the only dog in the world that can’t bark!!

The Basenji, Africa’s barkless dog, existed in the early days of the Pharaohs, and in fact the breed is older than the Pyramids themselves.

Je’taime Lingerie Hawthorne

You could be wearing a pair of dusty work boots, a faded high-vis shirt and even a pair of scraggy pants that wouldn’t look out of place in a prison and still feel incredibly sexy, says Raylene Allen.

In fact the cheeky owner of new boutique Je’taime Lingerie believes as long as you’re wearing a fabulous pair of underwear, you’ll always feel feminine and beautiful. And she insists alluring lingerie is something every woman, no matter her job, size and age, can acquire.

It was this life-long passion for sexy undergarments that fuelled Je’taime Lingerie — a boutique housing an impressive range of bras and underwear — where she shares her favourite styles and contagious passion.

“I want people to come in and feel welcome, to have a real shopping experience,” she says.

Raylene is a firm believer that a nice set of lingerie should not be saved for a special occasion: “There is no special occasion… and wearing it will make you feel a million bucks”. And she is also adamant that a thing of beauty should be available to all.

To make her customers feel all the more special she presents each lingerie purchase in a gift box, complete with a little packet of boiled lollies and she also stocks a wide variety of designs to suit every shape and every budget.

“Chantelle is my premier range… I also stock Freya(DD- G), Huit, Little Minx, Bassoni, Calvin Klein and Hit Milk maternity,” says Raylene.

“I am constantly looking for new designs.”

Je’taime Lingerie – Shop 5  135 Riding Rd Cnr Passion St Hawthorne    3399 4999

2032072 [SEA] Jet’aime Lingerie 4MW WK34

Days of our Furrykids!….Furry kids@Play Doggy Day Care

the latest news on the LOVES and FUN …Days of our Furry kids…
CHARLOTTE has had to soldier on as best she could without her boy pal TWISTER at day care 2day. SADIE and TIGER agree to be pals however Ruby won’t have TIGER running off with an cute spoodle doodle!! BUDDY quite likes SADIE and of course BUSTER continues to be best friends with TIGER. OSCAR is a bit confused with all of this and remains Pals with all. JASPER just wants to make sure he stays KING PIN ! and gets his share of treats.
DEXTER wants everyone to have fun and chase and play in the pool. Tess remains constant to MONET who wont have anything to do with her continuous kisses.

Signs you’re a Dog / Cat Person

You refer to yourself as Mummy or Daddy!

Pet Trivia #3

Chow Chow dog breeddog breed Chow ChowDid you Know that Chow Chows are the only breed of dog with a black tongue!

Care for our pets in Summer

Care for our pets this SummerIf You think you have been hot over the last few days spare a thought for dogs , cats, birds and other companion animials.

  • make sure they have extra water than normal
  • ice cubes in cat bowls – inside cats is a good idea, also for dogs who are inside
  • make sure they have ventilation or put a timer on the air con for pets living inside when you are out
  • have your pets groomed. cut back their coats even a little bit and under the belly in summer for dogs and cats
  • don’t have Bird cages standing in direct sun light – give them some protection and shade. a fine mist spray on their wings is nice
  • dont walk your dog in the middle of the day. if the footpath is too hot for you…it will be too hot for your dogs’ paws, they can blister. they can also sunburn on their skin especially lighter coloured dogs.
  • have shady areas set up for out side pets
  • a clam shell wadding pool may be just the ticket to cool your dog down in the middle of the day
  • don’t live fish bowls in direct sunlight all day

Be Sun Safe for yourself and all your family members…furry, feather and fin kids too !